Why Every Homeowner Should Hire a Residential Electrical Contractor to Upgrade Their Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are small electrical circuits incorporated in typical outlets. They help prevent electrical fires, electric shocks, and other dangers related to electricity. As a residential electrical contractor, I strongly recommend installing such devices in your home. Not only will they make your home a safer place, but they will also give you peace of mind that no major problems will emerge due to faulty outlets.

Every electrical system includes a ground fault connection. In order for you to understand what this is, imagine that a ground fault connection is a parallel circuit that connects all your outlets to the ground. This circuit offers an alternative path for electricity to reach the ground in case of electrical spikes. As we all know, electricity always searches for the easiest and shortest way to the ground. If no alternative route is detected, the electrical load will run through your body just to discharge itself into the floor. So, the first thing that a ground fault circuit does is to protect people from getting shocked. Same goes for appliances.

 Unfortunately, these circuits often malfunction. Since there is no sign to tell whether a ground fault circuit is functioning properly or not, keeping these systems in good working order is quite challenging. Luckily, there are GFCIs. These devices ensure that no electricity leaves the outlet in case there is a problem. In other words, a ground fault circuit interrupter will cut off the power on a plug in case a short circuit or electrical spike is detected.

 GFCIs are usually installed in bathrooms, basement, kitchens, and other areas where high levels of moisture may be present. However, they are also recommended in the entire home, especially if you have small kids in the house.

 In order to install an outlet with a GFCI, you need to hire a residential electrical contractor. Luckily, you don’t have to look for one as Woods Electric Contractor is located right in Sacramento, CA. We offer quality and reliable services at reasonable rates. Call us at (916) 245-2716 if you have any questions.