An Experienced Residential Electrician Shares Some Tips on How to Protect Appliances from Electric Shocks

Many homes are littered with all sorts of appliances, from large units such as washing machines and fridges to smaller tools such as hair dryers and toaster ovens. These appliances are sometimes crucial for our daily activities and can be quite expensive to repair if they malfunction. For this reason, you’ll want to know how to protect them from damage. And since electrical disturbances are the main reason household appliances malfunction in the first place, you need to learn how to protect your equipment from them. Here is what an experienced residential electrician considers that you need to do.

Use surge protecting power strips

The easiest and least expensive way to protect an appliance against electrical disturbances is to plug it into a power strip with a built-in surge protector. These power strips feature a fuse for each outlet available. In case the current that passes through the fuse is higher than expected, then the fuse will burn out. This will cut off the appliance from the power source. Unfortunately, power strips are not very accurate. Although they offer some kind of protection, they are not recommended for very sensitive equipment such as PCs, TVs, etc.

Install a Whole-house surge protector

Another way to protect all your appliances from electrical disturbances is to install a whole-house surge protector in your electrical panel. Since this surge protector is installed inside your breaker panel, it will cut off electricity before the voltage spike spreads throughout your home’s electrical system. In other words, such a surge protector prevents spikes from even entering your home’s wiring.

Meter-mounted surge protection

This is the most reliable option available. A meter-mounted surge protection device will keep your entire home as well as your electrical panel safe from any electrical disturbances. But, since the work must be done in accordance with your utility provider’s restrictions, you need to hire a licensed residential electrician.

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