A Professional Residential Electrician Tells You How to React in Different Dangerous Electrical Situations

Electricity has become a necessity for the modern life. However, this doesn’t make is less dangerous. As a matter of fact, more and more people end up in hospitals due to electrical shocks or fires caused either by poorly maintained electrical equipment or by the incorrect operation of an electrical appliance or device. In order to prevent dangerous situations, you and every member in your family must be familiar with the most important electrical safety guidelines. Here are several electrical safety tips and tricks provided by an experienced residential electrician.

Listen to your breakers

A breaker that trips immediately after it is reset tells you that there is problem in the system. There are two types of problems that can make a breaker trip: issues with the grid, and problems with you in-home electrical system. The latter category is the one that you should be worried about. So, make sure that you check all your devices, extension cords, and lighting fixtures for problems or defects. Obviously, the power should be off during the entire inspection.

Know when to fight and when to flee

In case of an electrical fire, you must decide quickly whether you have a reasonable chance that you can fight a fire and win. If you have any doubts, then you should get out as quickly as possible. Otherwise, stay where you are, and don’t let the fire go between you and the exit.

Never throw water on electrical fire

This is something that everyone knows; however, in the heat of the moment, people can make mistakes. Grabbing a bucket of water may seem tempting at the time. However, water is a very good conductor of electricity, which means that it will travel through the water, into your body.

Warm outlets

Every outlet gets a bit warm when in use. However, if one or more of your outlets gets so hot that you can’t keep your hand on them, then you should call your residential electrician as soon as possible. Malfunctioning outlets are the number one reason for electrical fires.

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