Troubleshooting Dead Outlets

As a rule of thumb, any type of electrical issue should be addressed by a licensed and insured electrician. However, being able to troubleshoot an electrical problem yourself can be of great use. For instance, being able to fix a rather malfunctioning outlet (without having to put yourself in any harm) can help you avoid a rather expensive electrical service. But be aware, if the problem is more complex than you thought, then hire a residential electrical contractor right away.

 Here is how to troubleshoot a dead outlet

Check the functionality of nearby outlets

All outlets are connected to the home’s wiring network; however, since the network is split into sections, different outlets may belong to different sections. So, the first thing you need to do is determine whether it is only one single outlet that is malfunctioning or an entire section. If more outlets are dead, then you may have a problem with the wiring network itself rather than one particular outlet. You should definitely call an electrician in this case.

 Check if plugs fit the socket

Over time, sockets get loose, and this affects the contact with the plug. When you plug in a device, the plug should fit snugly and stay in place. If your plug is wobbling, then you may have to replace the entire outlet. Under no circumstances are you allowed to perform the replacement yourself. You can get severely injured by electrical shocks.

 Hit reset

If your outlet is equipped with a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), then hit the reset button. Due to various reasons, the GFCI may have tripped, cutting the power at your outlet. By hitting the reset button, the connection will be re-established, and your outlet may start working again.

 If none of this helps, then hire a residential electrical contractor for further investigation of the problem. Woods Electric Contractor is one of the most reliable electrical companies in Sacramento, CA. We offer quality and reliable services at highly competitive rates. Call us at (916) 245-2716 if you’re interested.