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Woods Electric has been your best option for experienced and qualified electric contractors in Sacramento, CA for the last 26 years. We are fully licensed and bonded expert electricians and are well-versed in all electrical codes. Each electrician always seeks to implement the latest technologies and techniques to serve the needs of our clients more efficiently. For more extended information about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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It is nice when you hire a residential electrical contractor who really can help you! We hired Woods Electric Contractor a couple of days ago... Read More Reviews

Residential electricianOur electric contractors, here at Woods Electric, can install all types of appliances, carry out repairs and provide further maintenance as well. We can install radiant heating in your floors, solar panels on your roof, or simply fix blown fuses. Our team is able to install landscape and security lighting, as well as upgrade and maintain electrical circuits. Each residential electrician can troubleshoot and repair generators, the main electrical paneling, ceiling/attic fans, and smoke detectors. We have at our disposal cutting-edge tools and equipment that are well cared for, be it bits and keyhole saws, fish tape, drills, neon testers, pipe cutters for running wire cables, or the combination tools that can both cut and strip wire. We come fully equipped and ready to do the job right the first time!

Our team is available, throughout Sacramento, CA, six days a week from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Additional hours are available upon appointment. We provide free, no-obligation estimates. When you choose to book an electrician from our company, you can rest assured that you will get supreme service, affordable rates, and the utmost customer care. We are competitive with any other electric contractors in the area. We will always provide the client with a written contract to secure the arrangement. Each and every electrician at our company is always professional, neat, and courteous, and we make sure we leave the work site as clean and tidy as it was when our representatives started the project. A residential and commercial electrical contractor from our team will take care of the debris, leftover materials, as well as throw out the trash!

ElectricianWe also provide an electrical maintenance program. For a minor monthly fee, we will perform annual inspections of our client’s electrical systems. We also offer a panel rejuvenation service. Any members of the Sacramento, CA community who need residential electricians to install, repair or maintain their electrical system, shouldn’t hesitate to contact Woods Electric at  (916) 245-2716 and get an instant quote. One of the numerous benefits of hiring an electrician for any home project is that you can rest assured knowing you will get quality work performed and not some mediocre job. We have contractors with more than 26 years of experience ready to handle any job. Do you need a commercial electrician? No problem, just give us a call, and we will send a true expert to tackle your project. We provide the best electrical installation and troubleshooting services in Sacramento, CA!

If you want to install a baseboard heater or need to add new lighting to a room on your property, then your house will definitely benefit from our professional, quality, and prompt services. We are able to complete any electrical job that requires a licensed and qualified residential electrical contractor. This includes adding a new breaker, updating your circuit panel, as well as just wiring a simple ceiling fan. Your property, be it residential or a commercial facility, may also have old wiring that needs to be updated. Bear in mind that old wiring can lead to a fire if it is overstressed. Updating your wiring will allow you to use more electrical devices.

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