The Right Commercial Electrical Contractor for Your Projects!

Do you have a new electrical project in mind? How about improving the electrical system? Our commercial electrical contractor in Sacramento, CA can provide you with solutions to improve your establishment. Woods Electric has been helping local businesses and homeowners with their electrical needs for many years now. Whether you need a new electrical installation or a major upgrade for your present system, our team is the one for the job.

Our Competitive Edge

We offer top-notch electrical services, and we can transform your property into one that’s sure to meet your safety and comfort needs! We install and repair electrical systems for all types of commercial spaces, from offices to restaurants, gyms, and more. We can fix all kinds of damage and ensure the systems are up to code and ready for use. So, if you have modern electrical fixtures and appliances, we can install them in a safe and efficient way. Don’t worry since we’ll consult you regarding your project needs and preferences. We’ll act on your instructions to ensure your vision will come to life!

Our Work Process

Here in our company, we’re very methodical with our work. We have a step-by-step procedure for every electrical installation or upgrade project, making sure that we don’t skip a single detail. Our process involves consultation with the client, making sure that the plan or new system will work well with their needs. We’ll do a walk-through with our client to see if any adjustments are necessary. We’ll also inspect the current system, the layout, and other important factors. Once the plan is approved, we’ll begin the installation or upgrade.

As a commercial electrical contractor, we at Woods Electric are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and quality services. If you’re in Sacramento, CA, you can always count on us for assistance. For inquiries and information, be sure to contact us at (916) 245-2716 right away.

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